I - What is The Impossible Game?

- First of all, I would like to say Impossible Game is not a specific game, it is a collection of the most difficult to complete games ever.

- However, there are also games that do not have a completion limit or have a minimum limit that must be reached to be "considered", but in reality, you can do better than that.

- Many games have no completion limit and the game only stops when you get an error. For example, Tetris, 2048, T-rex… and they are also considered impossible games! But here, I want to introduce to you the CAN BE COMPLETED game, and many people have completed this game (not including me), but it is not easy. However, the gameplay of these games is usually quite simple, such as just using the mouse, or using the names of the Arrow keys… you can control the game easily. And in these games, we all have one thing in common: asking for your response (2048 is the exception), fast and accurate, in the time you make a decision is often short. That time is getting shorter and shorter and that is the difficulty that makes it difficult for you.

II - Why you should choose Impossible Game.

1. Skill: Impossible Game will show you how patient and responsive gamers are to sudden changes in their surroundings. If you are patient, this will definitely be one of the best reflex training games for you.

2. Entertainment: When you feel tired and want to forget everything for a few minutes to start staying sharp and clear, The Impossible Game will help you do that perfectly. Because while inadvertently, the game will make you focus on it rather than thinking about other things.

3. Objects: 3.1 The children: The Impossible Game will make the child always strive to achieve higher achievements, overcome more difficulties, if they fail, they will do it again with the most enthusiasm. And in general, they know it is necessary to be calm and patient in the face of many difficulties, and they understand how great it is to succeed in the face of so many obstacles.

3.2 Adults: This game is almost only for simple entertainment, however, this is a game that helps you quickly forget fatigue so that you can achieve moments of relaxation and relaxation brain position in a great way!

III - A little bit about our website.

- Our site is made up of hundreds of the most difficult and calculating players available today. In addition, we also own many games that are considered legendary in brain games such as Tetris, Sudoku, Jigsaw… And games that disappear your patience like The Impossible Dash, 2048, Pacman ...

- All these games you can play directly on our website and don't need to install anything extra. Best of all, we're completely free for you and everyone!

IV - Featured games.

Here we will learn together some typical games in The Impossible Game genre!

IV.1: Impossible dash

- This is considered an in the following game hard complete the most current game, but in this game, you can completely complete it if your skills are good. The Impossible Dash interferes with your response speed to be fast enough to avoid dangerous situations appearing first.

- There will not be any warning signs of danger, and there is not much time for you to think, sometimes you have to have a mouse link to dodge, sometimes you do nothing because ahead is safe. It is the author's randomness when creating obstacles in this game, which makes the game difficult and attractive.

IV.2: Tetris

- I have not seen anyone completed in this game, instead, they will constantly improve their scores while playing this game.

- In the game Tetris, there are only 7 blocks made up of 4 squares and have different shapes, you need to arrange them so that they fit together so that each row is covered by small squares, thereby destroying them and freeing up space for the next blocks dropdown.

- It won't matter if everything is as simple as that, but the bottom line here is that you will need to rotate- move those blocks into the right position in a short time to get the best effect and the time you will spend less and less, hence the difficulty of the game for you.

IV.3: 2048

-In this game, you need to match the same numbers many times to get the digits whose value is twice as big as the original number. And when you successfully generate the number 2048 then you have completed the original objective of the game. However, I have seen many people successfully match the number 8192, how about you?

IV.4: Pacman

- This is one of the games that left a very deep impression on many people's hearts. Because to be able to complete the game well, in addition to basic skills, you need to have a delicate and meticulous observational eye, from which to make the most optimal choices.

- This game has one difference from the previous three games, that is there are dangers that you can foresee and know in advance and how far away you are to be able to make the right choices, but Those dangers are unstable.

- In addition, Pacman is a game divided into many clear levels, the difficulty will also increase gradually with each level.

V - Epilogue

- In addition to the 4 games I want to introduce to you above, there are many other games like T-rex, Run 3, Match 3 ... that I have not listed here. However, I personally love these 4 games, and they also represent 4 different ways to play in The Impossible Game genre.

- If you have any other good and interesting games, please share so that everyone can experience and have new challenges in this lively and fun game world!

- Hopefully with a variety of games, rich with many different genres and under our efforts, Impossible Game can bring you the most wonderful relaxing moments!


- As for your screen, everything is subject to change, your task is to avoid eliminating all that might cause you to start over. How far you can go depends on your ability to react and adapt to your surroundings. Wish you have the most relaxing moments with The Impossible Dash game!

- Left-click (or Tap your smart screen device) to jump over the obstacles!

- Note that the surrounding environment will change constantly and unexpectedly, the safe point will sometimes be quite small, and the distance of the jumps is unchanged throughout the game.